Why Your Employees In California Need Sexual Harassment Training

All employers have obligations and responsibilities towards not only their business but their employees as well. If you cannot keep your staff happy and safe, then you are bound to lose them, which can take a toll on the productivity of your company and its entire success. We are not here, however, to talk about what you should do in order to make your employees stay. We are here to tell you about one thing that can lead to them wanting to stay.

I am talking about the idea of providing a harassment-free workplace, the benefits of which you can see here. That is why organizing sexual harassment recognition and prevention training for your workers is a smart idea and you should put it in motion.

Of course, this isn’t a decision that you will make lightly, without first thinking things through, and the fact that you are here shows that you are still not sure whether your employees actually need this type of training.

You might think that everything is working rather well in your company in California. The supervisors are doing a good job and collaborating well with the workers, and the workers seem quite happy and content. Most importantly, nobody is getting harassed.

Well, that might be true, but you will never really know unless you have your staff properly trained to recognize harassment and to act when they notice it.

What I am trying to say is that there are quite a lot of important reasons why your employees in California need sexual harassment recognition and prevention training. And, if you’re not quite certain which reasons I am talking about, then I say you should keep on reading, as I’ll provide you with a list of some of those. That way, you’ll be able to decide for yourself that it’s time for your staff to gain more knowledge on this topic and get adequately trained.

It’s Not A Choice, It’s A Requirement

First and foremost, you should understand that this is actually not a choice. You might have thought that you have a choice here, but the truth is that you don’t. This might sound like a threat, but that is definitely not my intention.

I am simply trying to emphasize the fact that sexual harassment prevention training in California is a requirement and not a choice. In short, it is required by law and you don’t get to choose whether you want to do it or not.

Read more about those laws here: https://www.calchamber.com/california-labor-law/sexual-harassment-training 

To Protect Themselves

Even if these training programs weren’t required by law, you would still greatly benefit from conducting them. Mainly, you will help people learn how to protect themselves against this type of harassment and how to notice if something of that nature is going on.

This is certainly highly important, as you do want your workers to feel safe in the workplace, which won’t be possible if they are a victim.

To Protect Others

Sometimes, some people might need to step in for some other people and protect them against this type of harassment. Of course, if they don’t have proper training, they won’t know how to do this the right way and they might simply let things slide, or make matters even worse. After getting properly trained, though, all of your workers will know how to protect their colleagues.

To Learn How To Pay Attention And Notice Harassment

We cannot argue against the fact that a lot of people tend not to notice sexual harassment in the workplace. For one thing, they might simply not be attentive enough.

And, of course, some of those people might be choosing not to notice and this type of a conscious or a subconscious choice can influence their perception. Well, this has to change.

It’s a good thing that the California sexual harassment training laws exist since they lead to people becoming more aware of those strange behaviors in the workplace.

To put it simply, the training programs can help your workers become more attentive and less passive when it comes to noticing the signs of sexual harassment.

I suppose you understand how important this is because the entire goal here is to keep your staff safe. And, in order to be safe, they need to notice when someone is being harassed and they need to act on it.

To Know What To Do If They Notice It

Speaking of acting on it, there are wrong and right ways of reacting to sexual provocation in the workplace. Some of your workers might be tempted to use the wrong methods, which can lead to a lot of trouble.

By providing the necessary training, though, you will help everyone learn exactly what they have to do when they notice signs of harassment in your company and that will further lead to all your employees feeling safe.