Why Japanese tends to do well in the trading profession

Trading can be a very challenging profession. Those who start to deal with the complex market without knowing the key technical factors usually mess things up. To become good at trading, you should be extremely cautious about your trade execution process. Most importantly, you should be taking the trades based on logic. Think about the professional Japanese trader. They have extensive knowledge about the retail trading business and they always take their trades in a structured way. This is one of the prime reasons for which they are doing relatively well in the trading profession.

In this article, we will discuss some of the prime reasons for which Japanese traders are doing so well in this competitive industry. Go through this article as it will help you to build your skills and let you trade the market in a structured way.


Having a strong discipline in the trading profession is crucial to your success. If you keep on breaking the rules and try to make a big profit without assessing the important variables of the market, you should gain much more confidence with your actions. You might have extensive skills but it will never help you unless to maintain the key rules at trading. When it comes to trading, Japanese traders are extremely cautious about their rules. They are not bothered to make a big profit rather they are much more concerned about the safety of their capital. So, if you believe trading is the right profession, you should follow the rules at any cost.

Leverage factor

The majority of the Japanese traders don’t like the fact they can use high leverage trading account to make a big profit. They always prefer optimized leverage trading account and they take their trades with the best brokers like Saxo. By choosing a good broker, they ensure a professional trading environment. It encourages them to find the best possible trade signals and lets them trade the market with a high level of precision. Never expect to make an insane amount of profit by investing a small amount of money. But make sure you do not invest the money you can’t afford to lose. You must feel comfortable with your trading capital and only then you can stay focused on trading.

Trading with the trend

Professional Japanese stock traders love to trade with the major trend. To them, trading is one of the most efficient ways to make significant progress in their life. Being new to this market, you may think that you know every bit of detail about the trend. Instead of depending on your gut feelings, you should be trading the market in the demo account. If you manage to make a consistent profit in the demo account, you should be able to earn a decent amount of profit without having any trouble. So, stay focused and learn to ride the major trend in the higher time frame. If possible, study the use of Fibonacci retracement tools as it will allow you to find the endpoint of retracement.

Risk to reward ratio

Investment is a very sophisticated business. Unless you maintain a proper risk to reward ratio in each trade, it will be really hard to manage the risk profile. You might even lose more in most of the trades. To ensure the safety of the capital, the minimum risk to reward ratio in each trade should be 1:2. Once you start to follow these simple rules, you should be able to earn consistent profit without having any major problems. Never get confused or frustrated after losing a trade. Have faith in your risk management plan and you should do perfectly well in this profession. As long as you maintain a proper risk to reward ratio in each trade, things are going to be pretty easy no matter how volatile the market is. And be prepared to accept few losing trades once in a while.