Who is Anton Kreil? Here’s why you should know him

Pick up any rags to riches story and you would find one common element in them all, strong determination and desire to do well.

The story of Anton Kreil is no different. Born in 1979 to a poor family, Anton decided that he had had enough of his poor environment and decided that he wanted to make it big. He pursued economics in the University of Manchester at the age of 18 and graduated at 21.

He tried his hands at trading and did well with that. Anton built a strong and profitable portfolio for himself. Seeing his impressive track record, Goldman Sachs give him an offer to join them. Anton Kreil spent the next few years working his way through as an institutional trader. Anton has traded for firms such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman brothers and JP Morgan.

Anton continued his stellar run in the corporate world as well and became Vice President of European Equities for JP Morgan at the tender age of 26. Already a millionaire, Anton Kreil decided to hang up his boots at the age of 28 from the investment banking sector. Post retirement, he went on a world tour in search for peace and soul. However, it was only after he his journey that he saw his biggest rise to fame.

In the year 2008 BBC announced a program “Million Dollar Traders”, where they would give absolute novices funds to speculate and invest in the market. This was quite intriguing from two aspects. First, it was the same year when the financial crisis took place and secondly, the contestants were complete greenhorns without any experience under their belts.

The results were astounding to say the least. The wannabe traders performed better than professional hedge fund managers. Well, no surprises here as Anton Kreil was part of the show. The key take away here was that even normal individuals can perform really well in the stock market if provided with the right training. Unfortunately, Anton has recently stepped down from personally training new traders.

Riding on the attention he had garnered, he created the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. One of the primary reasons behind opening the institute was to educate people in trading the right way. According to him, most of the instructions and education provided by brokers and educators was so called,  “hogwash.” The course was designed in such a way that even the biggest amateur could come to understand the game.

After spending some time with people who took the course, it was evident that the course almost entirely could be consumed by anyone. It was only then that he recruited some more individuals to be part of his organization. With his trainings, Anton Kreil has been able to reach out to 4500 people, of which 1100 went ahead for advance level courses. Eventually 85 of them went on to become institutional traders.

How much is Anton Kreil worth? How did he build his wealth?

Anton Kreil is estimated to be worth about $10 million as of 2017. Of course, he has had more than two decades owing to his early start in the trading world. Apart from being a successful trader, featuring on Million Dollar Traders also helped line his pockets.

As we mentioned earlier, he also earns from his curated trading course for laymen, the Professional Trading Masterclass.

How can you learn his secrets to success?

Unlike most other professional traders who keep their secrets to themselves, Anton Kreil shares his in depth knowledge with others. Anton has designed courses that capture all of his learning over his career. Where his courses really shine is that he’s able to present them in the simplest form possible.

If you wish to benefit from success that Anton has been through, you don’t have to sweat it out a lot. You can get on to Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management to get started. His experience during his Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan days has been rolled in very carefully into these courses.

What’s in his courses?

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management offers courses such as Professional Trading Masterclass and Professional Forex Trading Masterclass. You can always choose to take the online version of the course as well. There are several seminars that are organized in different corners of the world so that people from all over the world can participate.

One of the more popular courses opted by people is the Vacation Mentoring Program. The program usually goes on for a duration of 14 weeks. The first 10 days are spent vacationing and training in five star hotels. It also includes one to one training by the man himself. He also has a group of senior trading mentors who help individuals during the program. Once the vacation and training is over, everyone returns and the remaining 12 weeks of the course takes place over Skype.

In the year 2013, Anton Kreil decided to make his courses even more accessible and thus launched a video series of his Professional Trading Masterclass. Between 2010 and 2013 he spent a lot of time on road discussing with people and sharing his success mantra. He now boasts the Professional Trading Masterclass course to be the most comprehensive trading course online.


Anton Kreil has had an illustrious career. Having a successful trader (as verified by the BBC) teaching you investing skills is a godsend. However, no matter which course you take or which professional you speak with, there is risk of losing money. What do you think of Anton Kreil? Are his courses legit? Let us know in the comments below!