Where to Stay in Canadas Oil and Gas Capital


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Do you have an upcoming business trip to Calgary soon? The first thing you have to do is find yourself a place where you can relax and unwind after your long work days. Nothing like a contemporary suite with a full set of??amnesties in order to make your??stay as care free as possible.??A well furnished suite lets you??enjoy your stay on your own terms.

Finding the perfect place to stay is made quiet easy for you thanks to??Roseman Executive Suites.??They offer rooms with wireless internet, flat screen TVs, and yes, a full kitchen! This is not your typical hotel, this is a three generation family owned business that wants you to feel at home when youre away from home.

Save Your Dollars

There are many advantages to renting a fully furnished suite, what’s one of the most challenging things about a business trip? that presentation that you have to make could be a little nerve-wrecking, but I would say that the most difficult part of any trip is keeping your expenses down. You might be saying, ‘Yeah, but my company pays for everything, so I don’t have to worry about it.’ Well, that’s a pretty selfish response. What is the main reason for your employment again? Ahh yes, it’s to make your company money, not spend it foolishly. It may not seem like your boss is noticing your expenses while you’re away, but if they happen to question you about a few purchases, it will be much easier to explain a pound of meat from the market than a $75 steak dinner at the downtown restaurant.

Eat Healthy

The other challenging part of a business trip is eating healthy! It’s so much easier to get a quick bite to eat at a fast food restaurant before heading to your hotel for the night, but is it a healthy meal? Chances are, that’s a big fat ‘no’. If you’re frequently traveling for work, you must find a way to keep your diet under control. Not only should you be eating right for your overall health, but when you eat right, you also feel good, which means you’ll be improving your work performance!

So what’s one of the best ways to know if you’re truly eating healthy? Make the meals yourself! It might sound like an impossible task when you’re spending much of your time working, but a good meal??doesnt??have to take hours to prepare. For instance, when you first arrive in town, you can have a healthy snack from Rosemans complimentary welcome choices of food, drink and treats in your kitchen.

Then after resting from the stress of travel, you could head to the local grocery store and purchase a couple pounds of fish, a marinade, some rice, and some bread. You suddenly have dinner for a few days thanks to your fully??equipped??kitchen! Plus, these would be some healthy meals, you know what you would be eating since you prepared the meals yourself.

Enjoy Your Stay

If you’re heading to Canadas oil and gas capital, you know where to book your stay at.