Where to Find Cheaper Auto Insurance

la CapitaleCar insurance is a significant expense but it is one area your household can easily save on with minimal effort on your part. Whether your insurance is up for renewal or you’re currently looking to buy a new car, chasing down the right insurance provider will have a significant impact on your wallet.

The insurance industry is highly competitive; there are hundreds of service providers. While it makes sense to shop around, there are only so many companies you can quote due to time limitations. After all it takes time to run through a quote concerning your car and longer if you need more products. Simply put, you will get sick of doing the rounds pretty quickly after the first few calls or online quotes.

So why not start with a call to LaCapitale Insurance? There are many reasons you could be a winner by checking them out first:

  • For one, they operate one of the best websites in the industry.
  • You automatically save $75 on new 2-year auto insurance policies.
  • Benefit from free roadside assistance upon signing a new auto insurance policy
  • Get a 10% discount off each vehicle if you insure more than one.
  • Pay only based on the number of kilometers you plan to drive.
  • Save 15% off when you insure a hybrid vehicle.
  • Save up to 35% if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device.
  • Save 2% if you pay by preauthorized debit.
  • Benefit from LaCapitale’s legal assistance team for free!

LaCapitale also provides you with prevention tips that payout with extra savings in the long run.  Tips such as how to use automobile theft-deterrent systems help reduce the chance of having your vehicle stolen. By helping you keep thieves at bay, you will lower the risk of having your auto-insurance premiums go higher.

Saving on insurance goes hand in hand with the type of car you choose to drive. A Honda Civic will certainly cost you more to insure than a Toyota Corolla. If the brand you settled on is prized by car thieves, you will certainly be paying more. (Take fuel economy into account when selecting your car for extra savings down the line.)

Raising your deductible to $500 or up to $1000 will shave off a significant percentage from your premium. Just make sure you have this money set aside in case you need it.

Why not bundle all your policies with one insurer? The more policies you have, the bigger the discount. Ask for a life insurance quote or a home insurance quote at the same time you’re getting your motor insurance quote. You might be surprised with the final amount after you factor in all the discounts. LaCapitale allows you to do just that, you can add an all-terrain vehicle, a motorcycle, watercraft, a condo, a motorhome or a travel trailer. Save an additional $25 per one year policy!

Finally, In the age of the internet, you no longer even need to use a phone as you can get your quotes and file your claim online. LaCapitale offers a client center that allows you to follow up on your insurance account online. Support is also a phone call away if you need help. You are only a few clicks away from saving money; dont be lazy when it comes to the financial health of your household. After all, purchasing insurance is one of the many ways we are able to safeguard against many of the different types of risk that come with life.