Weekend Round-up: Happy Easter Edition!

Following disappointing employment numbers released on Friday stocks are expected to suffer more pain on Monday. The US department of labour reported the addition of only 120,000 jobs last month – the smallest rise since October and well below estimates in the 200,000 range. A stark contrast compared to Canadian employers who added 82,000 jobs which was well above estimates in the 11,000 range.

We’re still in a recovery, a sluggish one that is, until further employment reports confirm the contrary. Otherwise, this is part of the ups and downs a recovery goes through and compared to Europe we’re doing pretty well in North America in my opinion. It’s a long weekend so I hope you’re all enjoying it with friends and family. Try not to think too much of next week’s rocky market which could get exasperated with companies reporting first quarter results….

Have a happy Easter weekend!

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