Weekend Edition: Russia Gains Foothold in Alberta’s Cardium Oil Play

Russia is the latest foreign country to enter Canada’s oilpatch by establishing a foothold in Alberta’s Cardium oil play through a joint venture agreement with Exxon Mobile. Russia’s national oil company, Rosneft, will be drilling for Cardium oil at Harmattan through its subsidiary RN Cardium oil inc.

Foreigners are playing RISK on our land except instead of placing army pieces on our resource plays, they are simply placing $ signs. Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and now Russians are part of our energy landscape holding oil and natural gas resources.

Risk & Resources

Our resources are prized by others yet our energy stocks are selling at 2 and 3 for 1 right now even for the oil weighted ones which is flabbergasting. Oh well, we might appreciate the value of our resources once we have lost most of them. Until then, I have to agree with the foreigners who see value in our resources, so I will keep highlighting our resource plays and our Canadian oil and gas companies as I believe there will be money to be made in this sector for years to come. Oil price differentials will not last, natural gas prices will eventually recover and the current seasonal weakness will soon get behind us, it’s all deja-vu.

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