Weekend Edition: On Spam and a Traffic Jam

Welcome to the weekend edition, a small collection of links to interesting personal finance related articles and news from around the web.

On Spam

Well, well, well, it looks like I am jail buddies with InvestItWisely and a host of other bloggers. It turns out Akismet is dumping my comments automatically in spam.

I still don’t understand why are bloggers still using Akismet? I have never used it and will never do. I am currently running these 2 FREE plugins:

I have no problems at all with spam. Entering an easy set of 4 letters should not discourage the user from commenting and I have not received any complaints in that regards. InvestItWisely covered the problem in detail in a previous post: Punished by Akismet: Am I a Spammer? What Do I Do?

On a Traffic Jam

In case you missed this in the news, a new massive 120km long traffic jam developed in China! In the meantime, I feel sorry for those who feel like going to the bathroom while they sit in their cars. Which one will it be: A long walk to a service station or closer with Mother Nature?

Thousands of vehicles stuck in 120km China traffic jam

On to our weekly roundup:

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BudgetingintheFunStuff presents Blogger versus WordPress, if you’re considering blogging read this.

BarbaraFriedberg shares How to Design a Budget with Room for the Fun Stuff

20sMoney discussed The Only Two Ways To Start Your Own Business While Young

BuyLikeBuffet answers Why Your Grandparents Made More Money In The 70′s Than You Make Now.

MyOwnAdvisor unveils his super simple automatic savings plan.

Enjoy your weekend folks!