Weekend Edition: On Booming Economies

Welcome to the weekend edition, a small collection of links to interesting personal finance related articles and economic news from around the web.

On Booming Economies

While the US continues to experience a slowing economy other countries out there are hitting new record numbers such as China which celebrated $20billion dollar of trade surplus and India hitting all time high car sales!

Canada and Australia’s job markets are also brightening which is a severe contrast to the US dismal job market. It looks like the slack will be picked up by emerging economies, specifically China and India and the world economy will slowly continue its growth!

China Surplus May Exceed $20 Billion

Car sales hit all-time high in August

India to see strong hiring trend in next 3 months

Australia ‘heading for boom’

Fed: ‘Widespread signs’ economy is slowing

Canada’s job outlook brightens

On to our weekly blog roundup:

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Enjoy your weekend folks!