Weekend Edition: Nuttal Volatility Ahead

Welcome to the weekend edition, a small collection of links to interesting personal finance related articles and economic news from around the web.

Guess who will be on BNN TV next Wednesday February 9 at 7 pm EST? Here’s a hint, he’s the analyst who as of his last appearance was shorting Perpetual Energy (TSE:PMT) and ruined my entry price on a couple of stocks I was tracking. If you still didn’t guess read on…

…It’s Eric Nuttal aka “The Shepherd”, my favorite portfolio manager from Sprott Asset Management. The Shepherd has a large flock of TV sheep investors that move the price of several oil and gas stocks substantially based on his words following his appearance.

A Happy Investor

I wonder if PMT will be mentioned this time and under what light? I wonder if a mysterious caller will ask about PMT giving Eric another opportunity to talk his book. Maybe PMT won’t be mentioned at all because he covered and moved into accumulation mode.  This time you better watch out Eric as PMT might be releasing its reserves report during the same week, you don’t want to be caught with your pants down now do you? I have a better idea for you, how about you talk positively of TriOil Resources as I would like to see it above $5. Here are some catchy words you can throw on TV “biggest owner of land in the Lochend Cardium area with another package in Saskatchewan, no debt, well capped and finally guiding for +90% production increase by end of 2011”, please avoid mentioning that the reservoir in Lochend doesn’t look great so far and that the latest 100% WI well came out a little bit disappointing.

I’m looking forward to your appearance Eric as it’s going to be an exciting week. Readers, watch your portfolio carefully on Thursday morning at market open as one of your energy stocks might have been featured. How will you know? It will have a substantial daily % gain or loss regardless of market conditions!

Economic roundup:

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Enjoy your Weekend!

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