Weekend Edition: Free Petrol with Every Snickers Chocolate Bar

That’s right, you’re not dreaming! There’s a promo going on in Saudi Arabia where you can get a free liter of gas for every chocolate bar you buy. Just think of how wasteful that is coming from one of the top oil producers in the world. Free petrol is being offered at a time this kingdom needs a price of $100 per barrel for crude oil to balance its budgets. Surprised? You shouldn’t be as peace is expensive to buy when you have to keep a population of more than 16 million happy. In my city, I have to pay $1.31 per liter but a chocolate bar costs $1.00 at most and less if I buy it from the dollar store.

Oil & Chocolate, Yummy!

Dear Saudi Arabia, this is a great promotion, I promise to buy a ton of chocolate bars if you can get it over to my city, regards.

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Heave a Great Weekend!