Weekend Edition: Chinese rates and Irish Debt

Welcome to the weekend edition, a small collection of links to interesting personal finance related articles and economic news from around the web.

A 5 week winning streak snapped last week taking stocks, bonds and commodities lower following concerns about Chinese monetary policy. It appears China is looking to slow its fast growing economy by increasing interest rates. Investors fear such a move might reduce its appetite for raw materials. That’s a nice problem to have, a growing economy compared to an economy that is unable to take off properly in the US.

Ireland’s debt problems remind me of the Greek drama. Right now, it’s keeping investors on edge despite the denial from European leaders that bondholders were at risk. But we all know how this play ends; European officials will step in and tap emergency funds from the European Central bank to bail the Irish out.

Obviously, China and Ireland both triggered a “flight to safety” helping the USD recover in the process. But with QE2 just starting, how long will the USD hold before the next round of dumping begins?

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