Weekend Edition: Canada Day and a Buyout Rumor!

July 1st is Canada Day so Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian Readers. We are very lucky to live in this geologically blessed country ;)

And to my American readers, Happy 4th of July!

On a side note, there’s a rumor out there about Bellatrix Exploration (TSE:BXE) seeking to acquire SkyWest Energy (TSXV:SKW).  Yesterday, SKW’s stock price rose on very little volume which potentially indicates that this is what it is, just a rumor. SkyWest will hit 2300+ boepd by the end of 2011 and in my opinion the share price should easily double from current levels by early 2012 with current commodity prices as long as we avoid double dipping. If on the other hand someone is buying us out, I am looking forward to a hefty premium to the current price. SkyWest has very attractive Cardium assets which makes an acquisition a matter of when not if.

Whether the rumor is true or not I would ask all the SKW shareholders to count your chicks only after they hatch.

Have fun and stay safe!

Economic roundup:

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Weekly blog roundup:

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Have a Great Weekend!