Weekend Edition: Butterflies Go Free

A couple of weeks ago we thought spring was finally here but this past week we were disappointed by the drop in temperatures and a miserable weather. So what do you do over the weekend when it’s raining and cold outside? Well I took the family to visit the Butterflies Go Free event in the Montreal Botanical Garden where you mingle with 1500 very colorful butterflies in a 30C degrees (86 F) greenhouse. It’s like visiting Costa Rica for less than $30 and the kids loved it.

Stock markets have been drifting lower this past week thanks in part to a disappointing start in earnings. Next week will be decisive as 20% of S&P500 companies will be reporting.  Will the markets remain bearish for this earning’s season? I guess we’ll know very soon.

Economic roundup:

Southern California Home Sales Decline 5.2%

More Americans Leaving Workforce

Jobless Rate For Young Is 25%—and Rising

Uranium Producers in Takeover Play

China, India Under Intense Inflation Pressure

Weekly blog roundup:

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I hope you’re having a better weather this weekend!