Weekend Edition: $4.5 Trillion Wiped Out

Equities worldwide lost $4.5 trillion since July 26. The European debt crisis is yet again at the forefront and “investors” have been zeroing in on the PIIGS one after the other. There’s a whole menu of bad news you can choose and focus on that even the relatively positive economic data today from North America wasn’t enough to defuse the fear. I vote for a temporary soft patch with no double dipping. But that’s my guess  and it is as good as the experts’ who get it wrong themselves most of the time.

Fear is still out there for many issues such as a downgrade in US credit ratings. At this point it’s wait and see, the markets have decimated my portfolio in 3 days reminding me of 2008 when I saw some of the prices today. We’ve been there and we got out and now we’re in here and we’ll get out. When and how is up to the governments to figure it out. I will be enjoying my vacation next week and won’t be worrying about the world ending…

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Have a Great Weekend!