VIBA Connect Is The Digital Ambassador Solution For Brand Recognition

Digital platforms have considerable influence over the globe’s 3.78 billion active social media users. Brands want specialists to advertise their goods and services.

Why is it necessary for companies to have brand ambassadors?

Every business requires what’s known as a “face,” which is a genuine person who embodies the desired qualities and speaks and writes in the same manner as the brand. Companies constantly look for the most qualified individuals to represent them in public since they can:

●  raise the profile of the brand;

●  build up a stronger degree of trust with your customers;

●  connect with a new audience with the aid of referral sales (coupons and links) and word of mouth,

●  boost customer lifetime value;

●  user-generated content ( may help you skyrocket your conversion rates.

●  cut down on unnecessary costs associated with the production of internal content;

●  improve the efficiency of a company’s operations through a variety of channels;

●  build your reputation for trustworthiness;

●  construct a favorable name for yourself;

●  enhance sales;

●  encourage people to visit a company’s website.

It is not difficult to turn a client, employee, or even an avid supporter of your brand into a spokesman for your company. This individual should be a terrific spokesperson, have expertise in marketing, know the ins and outs of your brand’s product, as well as its vision and goal. They should also maintain your brand’s accounts on various social media platforms.

When real individuals use a service or product and promote it to a company’s target market, they are more inclined to interact with a larger audience. In addition, they assist in the acquisition of new clients as well as the maintenance of the existing ones.

Is there a specific job description for brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a business both in person and online and is responsible for generating excitement about a particular brand as well as promoting that brand’s goods. Using the power of word-of-mouth marketing, products and information sent to potential customers, opinion leaders work to spread the word about a company’s products and services and encourage others to do the same. In addition, the role requires acting as a spokesman for the firm at a variety of events, including the introduction of new products and conferences.

Valerie, The Digital Ambassador

Valerie is the digitized version of your most knowledgeable and skilled staff members; she responds to queries and shares demonstrations, videos, and other relevant material. She is even able to contact clients directly with promotional codes, discounts, and more links to actions they may do.

She is always prepared, speaking the language of your clients, giving them quick and precise answers in a pleasant and cheerful manner, and escalating issues to other team members when they are required.

In order to adapt, learn, and converse at near-human levels, Valerie, from VIBA, makes advantage of the most recent advancements in AI technology and natural language processing. The majority of the time, virtual assistants like Valerie are less expensive than hiring full-time employees or contractors, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your present crew.

●  Saves between 25 and 200 percent of the cost of staffing

●  5-to-7 times more rapid than typing.

●  Learning and memory are best served by activities that engage both the ears and the eyes.

●  Always on hand, never missing a day. 24/7/365

●  Keeps becoming smarter with time

Video Chat with an Agent in Real Time

Because human connection is preferred by 75% of consumers who purchase, VIBA makes its agents accessible from any place. You may set VIBA to connect straight to real agents or to begin with Valerie, who will transfer you to an agent if necessary.

Customers are guaranteed to be connected with the appropriate agent at all times thanks to our sophisticated call routing, which takes into account factors such as the agents’ areas of specialty, the languages they speak, and their profiles.

When agents are notified of incoming calls, they are provided with additional context (such as the retailer, the store, the product, and other relevant information) to facilitate the resolution of calls in a timelier manner. Besides text and graphics, agents may also upload video and image files, as well as webcast live product demonstrations.

You can do the following things using Live Agent video chats:

●  Reduce the number of employees who are required and save expenses, all while increasing store coverage.

●  Accepting orders, dealing with financial transactions, and gathering information about customers (forms)

●  Leverage knowledge of products, languages, and other talents across a number of different places.

●  Calls are sent to the most qualified agent, wherever they are located.


Through livestreaming and recorded broadcasts, VIBA encourages deeper customer connections while also enabling shops and brands to establish their own private video shopping networks. This sort of social commerce decreases sales friction by promoting limited-time specials, special guests, and persuasive demonstrations via extremely engaging content.