What is Dual Fuel

This is a guest post brought to you by First Utility.

What is dual fuel? Dual Fuel is a system where one energy supplier provides both electricity and gas to a customer. Switching to this tariff is easy. One simply contacts a supplier offering dual fuel tariffs and expresses an interest in switch both gas and electricity to their services. A technician comes to your home and installs a meter and almost instantly you begin receiving your utilities from your new carrier. Some utility companies offer a discount to people who are on their dual fuel tariff. Some even offer rebates as high as £180 at the end of the first year. If you choose to use a Smart Meter with your tariff, you can save even more while monitoring your daily, weekly and monthly energy usage.

Dual fuel tariffs usually have the cheapest energy prices. Dual fuel deals abound. Suppliers will usually offer a range of incentives to encourage customers to use the services they provide. Customers can combine this with discounts for choosing a paperless billing system and realize even more savings. Taking a smart meter with your tariff can lead to even more savings. This meter ensures you are charged only for the gas and electricity you actually use. Many utility companies use estimated bills. In many cases this leads to customers being overcharged.

Receiving both utilities from one provider can streamline your billing and eliminate hassles. You only have to deal with one company for both your gas and your electricity. It can make your life a lot simpler. Dealing with multiple utility companies can be stressful. It forces you to deal with two sets of bureaucracies and can lead to twice as much red tape if you are trying to get billing or other issues resolved. Using a dual fuel tariff cuts the bureaucracy and the hassles in half and can make your life easier.

The dual system is not for everyone. Some people prefer purchasing gas from one company and electricity from another. It allows them to shop for deals on each one. They can secure the lowest gas rates from one company and the lowest electricity prices from another company. Some feel the single tariff system works best. They feel they gain enough of a cost savings by choosing from among the flexible, online, pre-paid or green tariffs. The wonderful thing is people are given a choice. Empowering customers by offering them choices which can lower their utility costs leads to happier customers.

In summary, choosing one utility company for both gas and electricity can save you money. Most people find it hassle-free and easy to use. Further savings can be realized if you monitor your usage via a Smart Meter. Getting both gas and electricity from one tariff is also very convenient. It means one less bill for consumers. When one adds the rebate of up to £180 it makes dual fuel tariffs the most cost-effective option. 

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This was a guest post brought to you by First Utility.

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