The Leaders Guide On How to Motivate Your Employees

Are you the kind of employer who thinks that money makes the world go round? Perhaps you give pay rises thinking your employees feel the same? This might seem like common sense, but did you know recent employee engagement surveys reveal that money is by no means the biggest motivator?

In fact, those employees who work well are ones that feel inspired and encouraged to go the extra mile by fellow workers and senior management.

So what techniques are the best way to motivate your employees?

Competition Time

If there’s one way to make a boring task feel worthwhile it’s by making it a competition. This is particularly important and easy to arrange for jobs at places like call centers. In this case, the most successful seller or the person who makes the most sales and the two runners-up could win a prize.

The prize doesn’t necessarily have to be money.

In fact, money might not be as great an incentive as a gift or reward. People can start to imagine a free meal at Chillis, thinking about what they might order or what they might watch with a free subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Cash doesn’t create the same feelings. 

Regular reminders about who is on the top of the leaderboard and how close the competition is can build a sense of community and a healthy rivalry between the employees. 

An awards ceremony, even if it is in the office itself on mock podiums with plastic medals, could successfully motivate employees. It could be a joke and a chance for employees to see the boss in a more jovial and casual manner. 

Freedom For Employees to Work Their Own Way

Of course, every business has to have some set of standards and rules. This is part of cultivating the company culture you want, a top business leaders tip! Without these rules, the company would not achieve its overall goals.

However, companies that attempt to micro-manage their employees and also try to route out individuality, can end up creating a horrible culture where employees feel demotivated. 

Instead, a better way is to accept and love the fact that each employee has their own way of doing things. By allowing employees leniency with what they wear and how they go about doing their tasks, you make them feel respected and valued within the company. 

Flexible Hours and Remote Work

Perhaps the biggest perk a company can offer its employees is the chance to work from home or set their job around their life, rather than the other way around. This is obviously not possible if you are running a legal firm or a daily newspaper, but soon  50% of the U.S workforce will be remote

If you don’t rely on employees being present in the office then show that you are a modern employer by letting your employees spread their wings when they feel it’s necessary. 

Sometimes good employees can burn out and a few months of traveling around South East Asia or lying on a beach somewhere tropical is what they need to recover.

Letting dedicated employees work remotely for so many months or weeks a year can be a reality without them having to quit their job or use up their holiday. It also gives you the benefit of retaining their services without having to hire someone new. 

Explain Yourself!

Long gone are the days when an employee could ask a question and the boss could get away with saying “I’m the boss, just do as I say.” This dictatorial style of management doesn’t work.

Humans like to ask questions, it’s how we find things out and how we learn about the world. If an employee understands how the company works and why you are making a decision rather than just simply how to implement that decision, it can improve their delivery of the task. 

A Nice Place To Work

There are some companies who have headquarters in New York or London that have some of the most spectacular views in the world. 

The company pays millions for the privilege of the real estate, yet the employees are often shut inside with the lights on and the blinds closed. The open-plan office is generic and often has desk-after-desk cramped together. Not only are the views a spectacular waste of money, but the office can also make employees feel deflated and even depressed.

Here are a few ways to make your office a more pleasant place to work. 


One of the best ways to motivate employees is to create an office that stimulates them. Make sure there is a help-yourself kitchen with facilities like a hot-water tap, a microwave, a fridge, cups, and cutlery. 

Be sure to keep it stocked with free tea, coffee, and milk and, of course, allow your employees to bring their own supplies in if they would like. 

Comfy Chairs

Another important idea for companies where the employees have to spend most of their time in front of computers is to ensure that the chairs are comfortable. Perhaps new employees could even be allowed to have a say over what chair they get. 

Also think about allowing employees to work on beanbags and cushions on the floor if this is possible, though if employees need desktop computers this may be hard to achieve. 

Sofas are also a must. Even if it is not possible to have beanbags and cushions due to practical reasons or space, including some sofas for employees to relax and take some time away from the screen can be really beneficial to them. 

Support Your Employees Through Tough Times

Employees often need emotional support in their personal lives as much as they need motivation at work.

Try to keep on top of what’s happening with each of your employees, and encourage them to speak to you or message you in confidence if they are having a problem.

This means you can adjust the schedule of other workers accordingly and also means your employee will grow to trust and respect you.

You could, for instance, offer your employees advice on achieving financial success or even loans with no credits checks if they are looking to make a purchase but have a bad credit history. Be sure to find about more about this topic here. 

You could also offer to refer your employee to an addiction clinic if they disclose that they have a substance abuse issue that might affect their work. 

Motivate Your Employees For A More Productive Workforce

Motivation and support, rather than direct financial rewards, are the best way to improve the productivity of your workforce. 

If you create a workplace that has great facilities and a laid-back atmosphere, your employees will feel more motivated. They will love coming to work, be more productive, and be more willing to work longer hours. If you’re looking for more business tips be sure to check out our website and find out more about us by clicking here.