Sun Equipment Used Forklifts Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Old Lifts

What Is The Trade-In Value Of Your Forklift?

Forklifts are massive and strong, but they will eventually wear out. It is always prudent to understand when it is time to replace your forklift. Knowing when to sell your forklift also qualifies you for trade-in agreements that enable you to swap your old forklift, add some money, and obtain a second forklift at a steep discount. In such cases, one important issue arises: How can I determine the trade-in value of my forklift? Here are the primary elements that influence the trade-in value of your forklift.


A forklift with less hours than normal is worth well over one with many more. Hours are an essential factor since the life of a forklift may be approximated in hours. Toyota, for example, manufactures forklifts that last between 25000 and 30000 hours. Due to the slope effect of depreciation, a forklift having 3000 hours and the other with 8000 hours will differ significantly from those with 15000 and 18000.


It suffices to say that a well-maintained forklift (Forklift – Wikipedia) will be worth more than one that has had little or no maintenance. It’s one of the advantages of properly maintaining your forklift: you receive a high residual value.


When assessing the worth of a forklift, the specifications of the pallet jack also come into play. What is the manufacturer’s name, load capacity, sit or stand position, power type, and boom height? The value of a forklift is additionally affected by any accessories or extensions, such as a fork positioner.

Aesthetic Value

At the end of the day, much will be determined by the appearance of your forklift. When you acquire a forklift for sale, clean up the truck and repair any obvious damage to achieve the maximum resale value.

What About A Forklift That Doesn’t Run Anymore?

We can assess the equipment to determine its worth. Older units can often be a valuable source of second hand forklift components. For a little fee, we will take up and proper disposal of non-operational older equipment.

What Should You Do With an Old Forklift?

However, when the time comes, another question arises: 

How would you retire an old forklift?

A forklift is a massive, complex piece of machinery. It contains elements that might be environmentally hazardous (lubricants, batteries). And they include a bunch of recyclable metal. You can’t just leave it parked next to a dumpster.

So, what else should you do when a forklift reaches the end of its useful life? Easy. Recycle it!

Recycling Process Of An Old Forklift

Contact a second hand forklift dealer in your area who recycles old equipment. Click here for more information on the recycling process. .

Provide us with the model number of the equipment you wish to have picked up.

  • The retired forklift is picked up by a technician. These pick-ups are free of charge.
  • The forklift is delivered to the closest facility. When we arrive, we begin the recyclability by emptying all of the oils and dangerous contaminants.
  • Following that, specialists will remove any unnecessary pieces. If it’s an electric truck, this includes the batteries.
  • Techs carefully wash the forklift to remove debris and any leftover fluids.
  • Following the wash, technicians remove the forklift piece by piece, transforming it into a pile of loose/scrap metal.
  • The metal is sent to an occupational recycler to be melted down. The metal gets recycled completely.

Why Is Recycling the Best Choice for Used Forklifts?

You now understand how to determine when a forklift is close to retirement and what to do with equipment when that time arrives. Sun Equipment Used Forklifts is glad to supply replacement trucks…as well as to service the existing ones. Bear it in mind for all those forklifts that require repair on a regular basis.

Why should forklifts be recycled at all? We have various reasons for this, and we believe you will agree with us:

It is the responsible option. Recycling guarantees that the components are not wasted. They are either recycled and reused steel or re-used in different types of materials and equipment.

Friendly to the environment. When a company recycles the entire forklift,absolutely everything is recycled. This prevents hazardous pollutants from leaking into the ground or contaminating the air, such as acid or hydraulic oil. With it all disposed of properly, the forklift poses no environmental concern, and you’ve done something positive for our world.