Striving for Middle Ground

Has life served you it’s fair share of lemons recently? It’s full of peaks and valleys. The dash after our date of birth represents this.

What most people strive for is prolonged periods that lay between the peaks and valleys. Periods of time where life flows as a clear stream through the mountains. Often, we take credit for the peaks and blame others for the valleys.

Is there truth in this mindset? Some. However, many of us find that we make selfish decisions that place us in the valley. Additionally, we find that the credit we took for the peaks of life often come as a smaller result of our efforts and lay more in being at the right place at the right time.

The question that begs to be asked is how to stay in that place in between, let’s call it the “plains” of life (a reference to the middle portion of the United States).

Current Unemployment in U.S.

What is the current state of the country, as it pertains to employment? This statistic gives each of us a gauge on where we each are in comparison to the population. Surprisingly, depending on which side of the “aisle” you are, hope is alive for those seeking employment.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, as of March 2018, the unemployment rate is 4.1%. The hope is found in the steady reduction of unemployment in this country, as there has been a steady decline in unemployment since 2010. In fact, the unemployment rate is more than half than it was late in 2009.

If you find yourself, for whatever reason(s), unemployed, it’s good to know that the country is headed in the right direction as it pertains to gainful employment.

Gain Financial Freedom

A common form of landing in a valley is loss of a job. With this comes financial insecurity, as the fear can drive our lives to the brinks of insanity if we let it. What steps can someone take to get out from under?

Now that we know that employment is on the rise, let’s look at a few simple reminders on how to gain financial freedom, bearing in mind that this is not the only way nor coming from proclaimed experts:

1 – Inventory how much debt you have as well as how much income you have coming in

2 – Track your spending habits to see how you put yourself in this position

3 – If you have a family (spouse, kids, partner), get them involved in the plan for the future

Not of Your Own Making

A typical Tuesday morning has you up early and headed to work on the local freeway. Suddenly, a semi-truck careens over to the lane you are in. Next thing you know, your in the back of an ambulance headed to the local hospital.

None of us expect this scenario. What to do when it happens is part of the proactive stance each of us should have in mind rather than waiting and being reactive.

According to a Los Angeles auto accident attorney, you are entitled to lost wages compensation. This also includes, where appropriate, compensation for wages that you can not earn in the future due to personal injury.

Hence, it’s important to have a plan for the unplanned. By being ready, with information on what can be done, you’ll be less likely to put yourself in the situation of unnecessary financial loss.

In closing, we are empowered with a certain element of choice in this life. How we use it is our responsibility. Whatever cards life deals each of us, it’s not so much what the card is as it is how we deal with it in the day we have.