Stock Trades Update: Bought TSE:FVI (Silver)

I bought 1400 shares of Fortuna Silver Mines today at 2.48 yesterday.

Stock Trade Commentary

I love to buy my shares when uncertainty reigns. Whether Goldman Sachss lawsuit is the tip of the ice berg or not, the fundamentals of Fortuna have not changed since last week when it was trading above 2.80. This is based on what the company has disclosed so far.

If youve been following this blog, you will remember that I sold FVI last March @2.59. Since then the company reported 30% increased production a couple of days ago with by production of lead, zinc and copper. Whether the price decline is part of sell the news or just the effect of general market conditions, I love to show up early when there are still upcoming catalysts for this company and I intend to capitalize on them.

Impact Silver persists in weakness; it is such a great time to accumulate. However, the little free money left is reserved to double my holdings in Reliable Energy when my target price is hit. The Goldman Sachs story is just beginning; I am looking forward to see what this week will bring.