Stock Trades: Sold Whiterock REIT

Yesterday, I sold 500 shares of Whiterock REIT (TSX:WRK.UN) at $12.24 in my HELOC account.

In at $12.51, out at $12.24, loss= -2.40% including commissions.

Stock Trade Commentary

I sold my last REIT yesterday at a minor loss. This is the first loss to be registered for the year but not the last one. I will miss the dividend payment and that’s fine as I will be reshuffling the portfolio and swallowing some losses in the process. Since almost everything is on sale, it doesn’t hurt to go into stronger companies. At that, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with WRK and I might step back in if the price tumbles. I am currently sitting on $10,000+ capital gains for the year so some tax loss selling will make sense as it will also give me the opportunity to reposition the money. Ben will certainly move the market today and set a direction for the coming weeks. While there are many voices preaching about a coming recession, it’s nice to hear also of other sane heads who still believe it will be avoided. My take remains the same, anemic growth but no recession. I guess the next 2 months will clear the fog of war starting with GDP figures today!

What have you been doing with your portfolio lately?