Stock Trades: Sold TSE:FVI (Silver)

Today, I sold 1000 shares of TSE: FVI Fortuna Silver (Silver)
In at 2.32, out at 2.42, profit = +3.45% after commissions.

Stock Trade Commentary

I decided to re-balance my portfolio and as such I sold another chunk of FVI. The plan was to buy into another stock but I could not make up my mind on which price I wanted to sell. When the price was at 2.47 I wanted 2.50 and when we finally hit 2.40 I settled for 2.42. Today was a typical case of an emotional roller coaster. I usually have better discipline when it comes to executing a plan. I even doubted my timing since metals in general are in an upswing. I also failed to get into my target stock because my sell executed near market close. No matter, I now have reserves ready to redeploy into my target stock tomorrow if the price is right or into another one if an opportunity appears. The only positive side of this scenario is a reminder that a plan has to be executed with no emotions, something to keep in mind for my next trade.

Have you been through a similar experience?