Stock Trades: Sold TSE:DEE (Oil & Gas)

Yesterday, I sold 700 shares of TSE:DEE Delphi Energy.
In at 2.45, out at 2.59, profit = +4.75% after commissions.

Stock Trade Commentary

I sold my DEE shares as planned. The price went up to 2.65 where my sell order was but I did not get filled. I ended up selling 5 minutes before market close. I must admit that I felt like keeping the shares till the next day but forced myself to respect the plan. The plan was taking advantage of the relief rally with quick in and out using margin money.

Today seems like a strong market open is expected which means DEE will probably surpass 2.65. No regrets here since I will probably get into another stock if opportunity appears. It is always better to miss potential profits than to register a loss especially that I cannot afford to hold it for the long term if the market turns suddenly sour.

I love Delphi Energy (always remind me never to fall in love with a stock) and I am looking forward to buying a core position at a discount for the long term. Summer is still in its infancy and more worries might make that possible!

Have you taken advantage of the relief rally?