Stock Trades: Sold Talison Lithium

buy-or-sellSold 1,000 shares of Talison Lithium (TSE:TLH) at $4.89 from my HELOC account.

In at $4.57, out at $4.89, profit =?+6.57% after commissions.

Stock Trade Commentary

I sold TLH a couple of days ago and had to queue the post for today because the monthly and yearly results came first. I bought Talison when the TSX was dropping earlier in May with the intention of selling it within a short period of time. Here we are within a month netting a decent 6.57% return on the investment. The best part is that I bought TLH and NAL Energy (TSE:NAE) at the same time on margin, the dividend from NAE covered the monthly margin interest and the profit from TLH came out to 10x the interest. If you ask me, it?s a pretty good deal. There?s nothing wrong with Talison and I just sold because it hit my profit target. I always miss timing a perfect sell as the price hit $4.99 shortly after. However, no complaints as the plan for a short term profitable hold was executed successfully.

Lots of good deals lying around and I am torn between sitting on the fence with the firepower I have left or taking a dip.

Whats your take on the market right now?



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