Stock Trades: Sold Renegade Petroleum

I sold 2,000 shares of Renegade Petroleum (TSXV:RPL) from my HELOC account.

In at $4.24, out at $4.30, profit = +1.06% after commissions.

Stock Trade Commentary

No profit taking here, as much as I like the company I prefer to watch how things will play out and maybe get back in at lower. Right now my margin usage has been lowered to a mere $1500 which gives me the freedom to maneuver freely into new opportunities as they appear. My dividend stream is able to support a maxed out margin if I choose to go that way. The biggest drag on my portfolio right now is TOL which should do fine in the long run as it requires patience.

I missed out on a very nice ARN run which went up +0.75 today but this is the nature of investing, your perfect buy/sell timing is only in hindsight….


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