Stock Trades: Sold Reliable Energy, Bought Renegade Petroleum

Yesterday, I sold 10,000 shares of Reliable Energy (TSXV:REL) from my HELOC account.

In at $0.315, out at $0.47, profit =?+48.57% after commissions.

I also bought 1,000 shares of Renegade Petroleum (TSXV:RPL) at $4.07 in my HELOC account.

I am currently holding 2,000 shares of RPL at an average price of $4.24 in my HELOC account.

Stock Trade Commentary

These were my 2 remaining trades from yesterday. I thought I would lock in REL?s profits in my HELOC account and cycle through to RPL. It?s just going from one Bakken oil producer to another. No need to discuss REL or RPL as they are both favorites of mine but take note that every one of them will be sold or bought depending on market action, no ?sacred cows? syndrome.

trades for march 10 2011

You all know my opinion when it comes to the world coming to an end. I don?t believe it?s going to happen; the market will recover sooner or later so I?m very excited with all the red out there like a little kid at toys R US on Boxing Day. I just have to be patient and wait out to see if more sales are on the way since the budget is limited.

One reason why DIY stock investing is frowned upon is that many people just lose their nerves and sell at a loss at times like these. Always remember that you are buying into a business and not speculating (this explains why I dont buy and sell leveraged ETFs for oil, gas etc)

We might see more bleeding in the next 2 weeks, what do you think?