Stock Trades: Sold Artek Exploration

buy-or-sellYesterday, I Sold 1,000 shares of Artek Exploration (TSE:RTK) from my HELOC.

In at $1.53, out at $2.00, profit= +29.42% after commissions.

Stock Trade Commentary

Just like I said I would in my portfolio update, I let go of Artek Exploration at $2.00 for a nice gain of 30%. I would have loved to sit on it until they released their update on 2 high impact wells at Inga, BC. But unfortunately, Greece overrides all company fundamentals as they push the world to the brink of a financial meltdown, again. I guess it’s no longer surprising right? After all, both drama and comedy were invented by the Greeks!

What’s your take on the Greek drama that is currently playing out?

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