Stock Trades: Bought TSE:DEE (Oil&Gas)

Yesterday, I bought 500 shares of TSE:DEE Delphi Energy at 2.48.

Stock Trade Commentary

Yesterday’s fall was brutal. It is wrecking havoc on my portfolio but I am not really stressed about it. I need only to look back in history to confirm that prices will come back sooner or later. After all, can we live without oil? I doubt.

I can’t buy much because I was fully deployed when the descent started. I should have sold those FVI shares when it was above my average price. No matter, I used my security cushion to pick up 500 shares of DEE near market close seeing a rebound kicked in. This is basically a quick in and out dip. I am looking to sell today at whatever price it will be at, hopefully close to +5% as a target.

Because of uncertainty, any trades I can make will be with the intention of a quick flip. I am also setting up a mortgage line of credit. When I feel the time is right, I will be moving a small amount of funds to take advantage of these prices.

How about you Reader, did you pick up any shares yesterday?

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