Stock Trades: Bought Primary Petroleum (TSXV:PIE)

Today I bought 5000 shares of Primary Petroleum at $0.35 in my HELOC account.

Stock Trade Commentary

As usual, after taking a position in a company, the price falls. Sort of getting used to that. PIE is a special investment; it is not my typical company and is much riskier than my usual targets. PIE has an insignificant production of 10 boe/d but it has more than 100,000 net acres in western Montana near the Alberta border that are prospective for multi-formation oil and gas. This play is still emerging and is known as the Alberta Basin Bakken.

Other majors such as Rosetta Resources (NASDAQ:ROSE) and NewField Exploration (NYSE:NFX) have secured significant leases around PIE. Based on the last land sales alone last July at $1,450/acre the share price is worth north of 1$. As the play is proven by the majors, PIE’s value should increase until a joint venture partner shows up and funds a major drilling program. No production rates have been reported from the majors as they are busy drilling and hoarding land.

Rosetta believes there is between 13-15 MMboe per square mile of resource in place. Clearly, there is a lot of upside that comes with this level of risk.


  • Failure to prove any hydrocarbons of commercial value on PIE’s land.
  • JV partner never shows up.

Let’s call things by their name, this is almost a lottery ticket here, it’s a play on land. Not my usual type of investing but I figured I would try. This would be my second lottery ticket following Atikwa Resources which I am hoping to sell soon from my TFSA. I will be watching this one closely for a number of weeks.

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