Stock Trades: Back into Delphi Energy (TSE:DEE)

Today, I also bought 1000 shares of Delphi Energy at $2.34 in my non-registered account.

Stock Trade Commentary

My second trade today was executed in my non-registered BTI account. I have been in and out of this stock several times in the past few weeks. Recently I have been in at $2.53 out at $2.55 then in at $2.41 out at $2.45 and now finally bought back in at $2.34. Look at it this way; I have been averaging down my purchase price without increasing my shares. The beauty of it all is that Mr. Market has been paying for all the transactions. As the average price gets lower, I feel more comfortable in holding Delphi since I am quite familiar with their prospects.

Delphi Energy will be reporting their Q3 on November 8 which will include an operational update if one is not released by then. They will be reporting results on their latest liquid targets and any recovery in natural gas prices will certainly help the share price.

Are you invested in any natural gas weighted stocks? which ones?

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