Stock Trades: Added Perpetual Energy, Bought Impact Silver

Today, I bought 500 shares of Perpetual Energy (TSE:PMT) at $4.13 in my HELOC account.

I currently hold a total of 1,500 shares of Perpetual Energy at $4.53 in my HELOC account.

I also bought 2,000 shares of Impact Silver (TSXV:IPT) at $1.55 in my HELOC account.

Stock Trade Commentary

I have been on training for the past 2 days which did not leave me anytime to publish some of the interesting articles I am working on. I have wanted to increase my PMT holdings for a while so upon arriving to my office this morning I put an order in at $4.13 and left for my training.  I discovered it got filled later as I saw the price hit $4.08 on my break. I have to admit $4.13 is not the best price of the day or of the month knowing that it was under $4.00 not long ago but in this case I was waiting for the cold to really settle in because it will be the main driver of natural gas stocks in the next couple of months. I will be watching closely how the company executes going into Q1. The money I injected in PMT today amounts to less than the total of profits I made in the last 2 trades. Think of it as investing profits for the purpose of generating dividends.

As you may know by now, Impact Silver is the one silver producer that I am willing to buy first and ask questions later. Even though silver prices might be dropping in the short term before the next leg up (since QE2 is not over yet), I went ahead and wet my feet with a small position that potentially could be increased upon further price weakness or liquidated for profit if I choose to.