Stock Picking Contest: 4 Stocks to Buy in 2011

I accepted the invitation to join a group of fellow bloggers in a friendly stock picking competition. Each blogger picks 4 stocks (or ETFs) they think will outperform in 2011. The blogger can pick equities from the Canadian and US stock markets. Dividends, if any, will be included in the final tally since they add to the final ROI.

Here are my 4 top stocks to buy in 2011

  1. SkyWest Energy (TSXV:SKW) Cardium Oil play
  2. Arcan Resources (TSXV:ARN) Swan Hills Reef Oil play
  3. Bowood Energy (TSXV:BWD) Emerging Alberta Bakken Oil play
  4. Reliable Energy (TSXV:REL) Bakken Oil play

I know what youre thinking: This guy just cant spell diversification! Yes, its true, I am just not able to spell that word simply because I only have time to follow this sector, this is what interests me and this is what I understand best.

If the world economy was to fall into a second recession, guess what? Your blue chips and whatever other <insert favorite color> chips youre invested in will follow the general market DOWN. Investing in oil is investing in the world economy, its that simple until oil is replaced with a new abundant and cheap source of energy!

If the demand for energy remains stable in 2011, I believe these stocks will outperform my fellow bloggers in the competition. Bowood Energy is the one that stands to have the most impact if the emerging South Alberta Bakken play is confirmed economic. The remaining 3 picks are low risk growth stories (in my opinion of course).

Of course, there is no guarantee that these stocks will outperform the competition. Remember that they will not be actively managed (bought and sold repeatedly depending on opportunities). It is simply a matter of buying on Jan 4th, 2011 and selling on December 30th, 2011.

Meet the competitors and their top picks:

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 The Wild Investor 0.00
2 Where Does All My Money Go 0.00
3 Dividend Growth Investor 0.00
4 Beating The Index 0.00
5 My Traders Journal 0.00
6 Million Dollar Journey 0.00
7 Intelligent Speculator 0.00
8 The Financial Blogger 0.00
9 Money Smarts 0.00

Please feel free to comment on my all Canadian Light Sweet Oil Team or add your own picks!