Reasons to Refinance Your Debts

Loans are very helpful in times of financial difficulty to settle pressing demands. However, due to the urgency of the situation, one may be unable to take into account the terms and conditions of the agreement but that can be remedied by applying for refinancing. This will enable the borrower to switch to one with more accommodating terms.

Debt refinancing is the act of substituting an already existing debt with another that has more favorable terms and conditions. It is an opportunity that provides better options that allow a company or an individual to resolve outstanding loans, by taking on another that affords better interest and longer repayment time.

Deciding whether this is the right choice for you could be challenging and requires proper calculations. This is because it could have both long- and short-term effects on one’s finances. There are many reasons for debt refinancing or refinansiering in Norwegian, but the main purpose for doing so must be carefully calculated before going ahead with it. Discovering your break-even point can also help to determine if it is a good idea.

Factors to Consider Before Refinancing

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There are certain key considerations to examine before replacing your mortgage or other loans with a new one. Presently, lenders have increased their requirements before approving loans by demanding lower debt-to-income ratios and higher credit scores before awarding reduced interest rates. The decision to replace a loan should be made judging from your individual financial situation and not just because you need to. These factors include.


Having a goal to achieve will aid in making the right decision and will ensure that your lender guides you through it. You must clearly state the purpose such as a lower payment or rate, longer or shorter repayment plan, or have additional cash.

Credit Score

Most lenders often demand a score of over 760 before one can qualify for low-interest rates in some cases. People with lower scores may receive loans but may be accompanied by higher rates. This is because lenders have increased their requirements for loan approvals. Your credit score should therefore be high enough to enable you to borrow.

If you need tips to improve your credit score, you can check here:

Break-Even Point

This is the point where the cost of replacing one debt with another has already been settled by your monthly savings. It would be therefore unwise to carry out a refinancing which your savings cannot cover for. You would have to recoup your cost before making another attempt to refinance.

Refinancing Points

Always compare interest rates and points before replacing a loan. Points are usually equal to 1% of the borrowed sum and are paid to lower the interest rate. It is often wrapped into the new debt or paid at its closing. It is important to carefully calculate the total amount to be paid in points with every loan.

Current Lender

If you have already decided to refinance and are not comfortable with your current lender, you can carry out thorough research for one that provides excellent terms and rates. Also, it is important to get one that will guide you through the entire process.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

Lenders are stricter with the debt-to-income ratio as well as lifted the number for credit scores thereby making it difficult to get a mortgage loan if you already have one. Although certain factors like long and stable work history, high income, or substantial savings could increase your chances of qualifying for a loan. However, borrowers often prefer a 36% ratio or less thereby demanding you offset some debt before replacement.

Areas to Refinance Loans

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No matter the reason for taking a loan. you will have more options available when you are in a more comfortable position. If you are not, you may need to improve before starting the process. Some key areas where this can be done include.


Payment of home loans can easily be lowered or paid faster when it is refinanced especially when the rate can be reduced by half. Refinancing is comprehensive and will also help retired homeowners to lower loan repayments thereby making the process easier. This allows them to use a part of their savings as income while examining their chances of being able to get a mortgage.

Car Debt

Auto loans can equally be refinanced and are often accompanied by low interest rates especially for those with excellent credit. Some companies offer rates as low as 2% although it might demand not less than five years of credit background without misconduct or failure to repay debt. Credit unions are also another method to substitute loans than traditional banks as they are more likely to consider personal situations and propose lower rates.

Credit Card

One can easily substitute their credit card for a lower rate from a higher one by using the 0% balance transfer proposal. However, this requires a credit score of over 600 to qualify although some applications only ask for income declaration. Transfer of debt can only be made between two different banks and often comes with a transfer fee of 3%.

Student Loan

The market for replacing student loans is dominated by firms that accommodate a new form of underwriting. They are equally not reliant on a predictable pattern of guidelines as traditional lenders. Early payment of bills gives one an opportunity of being selected by these lenders. This also applies to retirees provided a significant retirement income is on the ground.

Reasons to Refinance Debt

Although there are several reasons for refinancing debt, one’s present financial position must be considered. Asides from the more favorable options it presents, other reasons are.

Lower Interest Rates

The new loan offers a lower interest rate compared to the previous. This helps you save money and to pay your debt sooner. You can also use the money saved to make larger repayments thereby offsetting your mortgage faster and saving more on interest.

Eliminates PMI

Private Mortgage Insurance costs money monthly but can be canceled as soon as there’s a 20% equity on the house accompanied by a good payment background although this may demand some closing cost. However, this should be considered when there are other advantages such as a low interest rate or a shorter break-even period.

Longer Repayment Terms

The new agreement may reduce the amount being paid monthly and also provide a longer period to pay back. This however depends on the kind of loan, amount, lender, and creditworthiness. Although a longer-term would reduce your payments, it would incur more interest while a shorter-term would need you to pay off sooner. Your goals and present financial situation should guide you in choosing.

Credit Card Debt

Long-term savings can be increased by paying less interest on debts like personal loans and credit cards. This can be achieved by refinancing your credit card. Although one must be financially stable and self-disciplined to avoid incurring more debt.

Increase Long Term Savings

When the interest rate on your mortgage is low, you will pay off your debt faster enabling you to save over a period of time. Also, since you won’t be paying much on interest, the savings realized can serve retirement plans or be used to achieve a long-term goal.

Short-Term Cash Flow

Lowering your monthly payment would make more money available in the short run thereby reducing the financial pressure and also give room for investment in other areas. 


Many financial businesses such as this are usually complex and may be slightly difficult to comprehend. Refinancing is a vital decision to make and requires proper research. Although replacing an existing loan may seem like a suitable choice in some instances, it sometimes incurs an additional payment as a penalty when it is substituted. 

There may also be a transaction or closing fees added to it. In addition, consult a reputable lender to respond to your concerns and explain better. This will guide you in making the right choice.