Portfolio Update: July2010

Here’s the monthly portfolio update.

The TFSA is currently holding the following stocks:

(A Tax Free Savings Account is an account where your capital gains are exempt from taxes)

  • TSE:GPX Great Plains Exploration (Oil & Gas)
    o Average Price: 0.50  Value: 5000 x 0.395 = 1975.00$
  • TSXV:ATK Atikwa Resources (Oil & Gas)
    o Average Price: 0.08  Value: 10000 @ 0.065 = 650.00$
  • TSXV:REL Reliable Energy (Oil)
    o Average Price: 0.347  Value: 8000 @0.315 = 2520.00$
  • TSXV:IPT Impact Silver (Silver)
    o Average Price: 1.083  Value: 5000 @ 0.90 = 4500.00$

Market Value: 9645 + 27 in Cash = 9672$

The Non-Registered account is currently holding the following stocks:

  • TSE:FVI Fortuna Silver Mines (Silver)
    o Average Price: 2.34  Value: 1000 x 2.08 = 2080.00$
  • TSE:SPE Spartan Exploration (Oil & Gas)
    o Average Price: 3.17  Value: 1000 x 3.10 = 3100.00$
  • TSE:MEL Midway Energy (Oil & Gas)
    o Average Price: 3.16  Value: 1000 x 3.19 = 3190.00$

Market Value: 8370 – Margin Used: 2454 = NET: 5916$

BTI Portfolio Value: 15588$

YTD Results from January 1 2010

TSX at start: 11866 @July 30: 11713 Change: -1.29%

BTI at start: 12936 @ July 30: 15588 Change: +20.50%

M/M Results from May 1 2010

TSX at start: 11294 @ July 30: 11713 Change:  +3.7%

BTI at start: 15496 @ July 30: 15588 Change: +0.6%

HELOC Portfolio Performance

The HELOC portfolio is basically a non registered account with money borrowed from my home equity line of credit. *Please take note* that I keep the equivalent amount in cash in my checking account and it is money I can afford to lose. The impact of losing this money would be equivalent to skipping a lump sum payment on my mortgage for 1 year. I will use the bank’s “Performance” tool for the monthly results because it takes into account deposits and withdrawals. Now that you’ve called me crazy and shook your head, on to the results:

For the purists amongst you, here’s my sector diversification:

For the record, my outstanding balance on the HELOC is 15000$, so basically I am up +877$ so far.

Monthly Review

Mr. Market scores another monthly victory. However, I still keep my yearly advance. The TFSA account is tying up significant funds in negative territory and it is this that dragged the whole portfolio performance down. This, in my opinion, is only temporary given seasonal weakness in metals on top of weak economic sentiment. The year end results will have the last word. Until then, the fight goes on. The HELOC on the other hand has a very comfortable advance on Mr Market and I expect great results for the end of the year.

The HELOC portfolio is up and running and so far it is in positive territory. My non-registered HELOC account is currently with National bank which offered me a 6 months promotion at 6.95$ per trade. Commission fees will revert to 30$ per trade around November, by then I should have a significant amount of dividend paying stocks and let it cruise on its own.  Since I am not a day trader, I don’t expect myself to be doing 12 monthly transactions consistently and I don’t have a minimum of 100k to trade with either in order to qualify for continued low pricing.

How has your portfolio done so far this year?

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