My 7 Links Project

I was nominated by fellow bloggers Invest it Wisely and My Own Advisor to participate in the 7 Links Project. Basically, I need to answer 7 questions and pass on the nomination to 5 other bloggers. Let’s start:

Your most beautiful post

That’s a tough one, I don’t know how to fit my oil and gas posts with a military twist in such a category. After looking hard enough, I vote for this one as it is the thesis underlying my portfolio:

Investing in Oil: The Fundamentals

Your most popular post

This one is very easy to answer; I simply need to look at my traffic statistics. My most popular post in terms of page views is:

The Alberta Bakken Players in Southern Alberta

Although this type of posts take a lot of time to research and put together, it’s worth it when I know that someone out there is using it as a jumping platform to start his own due diligence. I’ve got more of the same on the way on Canadian plays and US plays.

Your most controversial post

This one is easy; it’s actually a post that I didn’t write. Thanks to The Righteous Investor for writing and following up on this post.

Why Warren Buffett Is Wrong On Gold

I try to avoid controversy even though I would love to take some pot shots at Tree Huggers and Index Extremists. In both cases, I would be targeting the right wing elements of these groups as I do my part for the environment and passively index my retirement investments.

Your most helpful post

In case you didn’t know, I privilege injecting my free cash flow in my mortgage instead of my RRSPs. Here’s my use case and how you can apply it on your own situation.

Why I choose to pay down the mortgage faster instead of investing

A post whose success surprised you

The following post has been very popular in the past months:

3 profitable ways to invest in the market in 2011

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

For some reason, this post fits the category:

Investing in Natural Gas: Why Natural Gas Liquids Matter

Maybe I thought too highly of it since I wrote it for the lay investor who is not familiar with natural gas liquids. I guess the subject is not popular with investors out there.

The post that you are most proud of

I will keep this one unanswered as I do not seek pride in my writings. This is an investment journal focused on oil and gas that has grown into a small community. The only thing I am proud of is the interaction with this community of like minded investors i.e. you the reader. I always appreciate your comments and your emails, keep them coming.

Time to tag 5 fellow bloggers:

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It’s your turn guys!