Mark Cuban’s House – Where he lives and how he can afford it

5424 Deloache Ave, Dallas, Texas 75220

That’s the address of an individual whom many envy for sure.

It is the residential address of Mark Cuban, the business tycoon and owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks. Mark like most others has humble beginnings, but more about that later. One of his biggest wins was just before the dot com bubble, where he sold his company to Yahoo! for $ 5.9 Billion in the year 1999.

The massive Mark Cuban house we are talking about was built in the year 1997 and was bought by the Mavericks owner in 1999. The entire complex sits under just 7 acres and has almost all amenities one could possibly imagine. The main house is 23676 square feet in size and has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms to complement the same.

Mark is known to party hard and the same is reflected in the house he chose to buy. There are five wet bars in the mansion. His love for cars can be seen from the fact that the house has four attached garages and Mark added two detached garages. Together the garages account for 4838 square feet of space.

Even from Google maps, Mark Cuban’s house looks massive

The house is built out of stone and has a guest house, swimming pool, tennis court and a very tidy lawn. Mark Cuban’s house is listed amongst the top 100 expensive houses in Dallas. In the year 2014, the price of the house was estimated at 17.6 million and the value of land at 10 million, making it the 9th most expensive house in Dallas.

Mark has a special office built at his residence from which he carries out most of his business ventures from, since he moved in about 15 years ago.

Who is Mark Cuban and how did he get so Rich?

Given the dimension and sheer enormity of the Mark Cuban house, you surely have to be a “somebody to afford that kind of luxury. Mark Cuban has been an entrepreneur since his early days and has had his fair share of odd jobs while working on business ideas since graduating.

He bought a company MicroSolutions during the dot com boom and was able to sell that exact same company for 6 million dollars to CompuServe, which was at that time a H&R Block subsidiary. That was just the beginning. Along with a friend, Mark started a company which later turned into The website gave access to anyone online to listen to live sporting events.

In the year 2000, Mark Cuban paid $285 million to buy a majority stake of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks from H. Ross Perot, Jr. The performance of the team has improved a lot since the change in ownership. They have a win percentage of 69% under Mark compared to 40% that they had previously.

Dallas Mavericks reached the MBA finals for the first time in 2006, but lost to Miami Heats. However, the team had its revenge back when they defeated Heats in the year 2011 to take the championship.

Mark Cuban is probably most popularly known for his role as an investor on the hit reality TV show, “Shark Tank”. Mark has been part of the show since 2012 or the third season of the series. Till January 2016, he had been involved with 82 deals over a period of 109 episodes amounting to investments worth $ 19.4 million. The ratings of the show have improved since his joining and he is the richest shark to be part of the show till date.

Mark has been involved with several other investments and the entertainment industry over the years. It’s no secret that Mark had aspirations to be an actor, which obviously lead to several auditions. He has been part of lots of guest appearances over the years on several TV series.

Mark also appears on sports shows and business television shows on a regular basis. Mark also is involved with digital media, which further helps him with his income. His love for movies and theaters lead him to purchasing Landmark Theaters and Mongolia Pictures, a distributing company.

He was also part of Dancing with the Stars reality TV show, where he managed to get through four rounds before being eliminated. He is also the co-owner of 2929 Entertainment, a firm for distribution of motion pictures, theatrics, and home entertainment and also serves as network television.

Mark Cuban also has authored two books; Let’s Go Mavs which was published in the year 2007 and How to Win at the Sport of Business in the year 2011. He shares his experiences as an entrepreneur and the different scenarios he had to face over these years in these books.

He is known to be an outspoken guy and an open critic. His critical view on the NBA management, calling out referees and their decisions during matches has led to him being fined several times. Mark Cuban has paid more than $ 2 million in fines and does not seem to be bothered by it. On the contrary he offers charity to groups or organizations that his target can pick up.

What is Mark Cuban’s Net Worth?

When we are talking about someone having so many achievements under his belt, the most obvious follow up question is that person’s net worth. Mark Cuban’s current networth is $ 3.2 Billion. He was featured in the Forbes 400 list of 2016, with a rank of 204. For 2017, Mark has slipped down the list with a current rank of 564.

In the End

No matter which aspect of business or his personality you consider, Mark has always been someone who is very vocal and animated. He for sure puts his very best into every endeavor that he becomes part of. Be it as the dynamic owner of Dallas Mavericks or as a celebrity who was part of Dancing with the stars or as a shrewd investor on Shark Tank, he brings his charm and energy on to it.