Life Coach 101: Business Mentoring & Life Coaching Guide for Ireland

When we were younger, we always thought that we would just eventually figure life out. It’s as if we drowned ourselves in this illusion that everything gets better with age. We look up to adults thinking that they must have it good being able to have their own money to spend and all; to not have to ask their parents for cheap change each and every time they want something.

Do you know what I first found out after I gleamingly entered adulthood?

It was all but everything I expected it to be. First of all, life doesn’t figure itself out. In the beginning, I thought it was normal for me to feel a little lost since I’m new to everything but a couple of years, I realized that life isn’t really going to unravel itself before me. I realized that I was the same clueless mutt I was years ago – only now, I have a body to feed and bills to pay. Check this out and you’ll totally get what I’m talking about:

The fancy-schmancy life I painted for adults in my head when I was young literally vanished altogether. Boy, do I wish I can move back in with my parents and just live off my measly allowance. A $20 bill used to bring a smile to my face. Now, it just wants to make me cry.

When you become a full-fledged adult (or at least when society ordains you as one), you come to realize three simple things:

  1. You hate Mondays.
  2. You love paydays.
  3. Lunch and leaving are the only things you look forward to at work.

Trust me; I have been in that exact situation three years ago. And unsurprisingly, I keep finding more and more people who have the same sentiments about life and work. In fact, I’ve encountered a good number of individuals to say that this is not just something that happens in Ireland. It must really be a global phenomenon. The bright side to this is that you’re not alone in this dilemma.

This is why Business Mentoring & Life Coaching camps exist.

If I never came across things that made me rethink how I was spending my precious twenties, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. 

You see, people don’t really grow up with age; they just get older. We mature through experiences and failures. This is why we feel so darn clueless at the beginning of our journey to adulthood. We need people who are a few steps ahead of the race to guide us and teach us the things we lack. It is only when we experience life as it comes that we can eventually make some sense out of it. For example, you won’t really know that you hate your job before you start doing it. You won’t really know what you’re not fit for a 9 to 5 up until you’ve had enough of it. 

Thing is, we mature by failing at what we do and getting back up again. This is why if you don’t like the life you’re currently living, be brave enough to say no to it and start one that you believe will get you to a better place. There is a way to break free from the horrid 9 to 5. 

And that’s by becoming self-sufficient. 

Achieving financial independence is now more possible than ever. After all, the world has entered an age of hyper-wealth. Thanks to the internet, you can now create a name for yourself in the business industry if you work hard for it. You don’t need a very big capital to make it happen too. You just need the right guidance from the right business coach.

Starting a business can be very stressful and sometimes, disheartening. There will be times when you feel like you made the wrong decision leaving your old, stable life behind. However, with a good business and life coach, you’ll pick up the slack in no time. And when you do, your dream of becoming financially independent, your dream of becoming your ideal adult will not be so out of reach. Just trust the process.