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Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Even in the coldest parts of Canada, this activity seems to thrive like the plants. It is not just a great addition to our overall daily need for physical activity, but it is also a nice recreational hobby. It also yields results that can be used in the household. Trust us, your backyard vegetables are so much better than the ones you get at the store along with others that you can grow. It’s not just healthier since you know what goes with these plants, but it saves you money as well. You don’t need to go grocery shopping for these items.

Gardening In A Nutshell

Growing a garden is not easy. Although the idea that you need to have a green thumb before you can start a garden, it does need a lot of prior research. You can start looking for options in your garden today. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to enroll in a course or find a book in your local library. Though these would be very helpful, searching for it on the internet is certainly faster. With just one click, you have all the information that you need right on your fingertips.

Two aspects that make it even more difficult to garden here in Canada are the climate and the lack of space, especially in the urban areas. There is nothing we can do with the climate as true Canadians should be used to the cold already. However, most plants cannot really handle the cold and most of them do die off. There are certain species of plants that can grow very well in the winter, but most of them are not edible or even worth growing. There are also more people living in the cities, and it can be a pain to grow a garden in your apartment, especially because of the lack of soil.

What if I tell you though that you don’t need soil to grow a garden, even in your own home?

Hydroponics is a way for you to grow plants even without a backyard with good soil. It uses air and water to transfer all the nutrients the plants need to thrive even in an enclosed space. It is said that plants don’t really need soil although it a very convenient way to get nutrients. It also anchors the plants to the soil making them easier to grow. With advanced technology, you can provide all of these without the soil or even sunlight. You can use artificial lighting for it. Learn more about this here.

Reasons Why You Should Consider This As An Alternative Gardening Method:

1. You Can Now Grow Your Own Garden Virtually Anywhere

Yes, it is now possible to grow your garden even in the confines of your apartment. Using a hydroponic system, you can build it near your kitchen for even better access once you need to cook. You don’t need to own a backyard or bring a lot of soil to your apartment. There are also some places which do not allow a traditional garden on top of their buildings. Using pots also takes up too much space. With a hydroponic garden, you don’t need a lot of space and you can still enjoy having your garden without all the fuss.

2. Plants Also Grow Faster And Better

Once you start your own hydroponic garden, you will see that it functions differently compared to a traditional soil garden. For one, you will notice that the plants will grow faster because of the controlled environment. If it is grown outside, then there are a lot of elements that could go wrong, especially since it is getting harder to predict the weather due to climate change. Certain plants like herbs are also susceptible to sudden changes, making lower yield or even kill the plants entirely. In a hydroponic garden, almost every aspect of the plants’ growth is under your control from the light source to the nutrients. Of course, you need to study what each kind of plant needs so that you can oversee their growth properly.

3. It Is Easier To Acquire The Materials Needed For A Hydroponic Garden

There was a time when a hydroponic garden was only available to scientists and organizations like NASA since they do need it for further investigation on extraterrestrial living. These days, you can actually get the equipment that you need even in the nearest depot stores nationwide. You can even get entire kits online, and it saves you a lot more money since you don’t have to buy equipment separately. Visit this link to learn more: https://wholesalehydroponics.ca/.

Even though hydroponic gardens are great in many areas here in Canada, there are some limitations that you need to know. You can grow most plants in a hydroponic garden, but there are some plants that would be easier to grow, especially for beginners. Flowering shrubs, common herbs and leafy vegetables like kale are great options for you to start with.