Know Your Options: 3 of the Best Rated Lenders for Financial Needs

Behind on some bills and need a loan to catch up? Or maybe you need to take out a loan for that vacation you’ve been planning? No worries — we’ve listed the top lenders for financial needs that often pop up unexpectedly.

These lenders have been around for a few years, and many of them have expanded their offerings, which can be seen on LoanReviewHQ. They seek to offer competitive interest rates and quality customer care.

King of Kash

King of Kash provides low-risk personal loans to customers, as well as lines of credit. It’s based out of Kansas City, MO. They take a different approach to their loans and provide more affordable loans than most banks, credit unions, payday and title loan providers. They’ve expanded into six additional states besides Missouri.

Their personal loan is an unsecured loan, meaning it doesn’t require any collateral. They usually have a lower interest rate than any payday or title loan, which makes them a more affordable option.

Taking out a line of credit is kind of a happy medium between a personal loan and a credit card. Once you apply, you will be able to use that amount over a specific time frame, but you can use the money however you choose.

Mariner Finance

Mariner Finance has been around for over 15 years, providing personal loan services. They have expanded to more than 450 locations across 22 states. They provide home loans, car loans, and small business loans in addition to personal loans.

Their personal loans are unsecured and may require a peek into your finances just to make sure you can afford to repay the loan. Your credit history and score are not major factors in the approval process.

Mariner’s car loans are for purchases of new or used vehicles. They seek to be more affordable than financing through the dealership and other competitors.

Mariner offers home loans with competitive rates and includes FHA and VA loans. They also offer third-party financing, which is for contractors and retail merchants who would like to partner up.


NetCredit is a loan provider based out of Chicago. Not only are they known for lending, but they help counsel their customers on proper money management and building their credit. They specialize in personal installment loans.

These personal loans are unsecured loans that don’t require a traditional credit check or collateral to apply. The loans are broken into equal installments, so the customer pays the same amount each month until the loan is paid off.

Their My Credit Builder service ensures that your credit rating won’t drop when you apply for one of their loans. They provide a soft credit check, which can’t be seen by third parties.

A Few Good Places to Choose From

Whatever your needs, these are just a few top providers. Take the time to research each one online to find the best fit for you. You can find the most competitive rates and best options for your needs, whether you’re looking for a personal loan or even a loan for a car or home.