How To Manage Your Team Right

Team management training is very essential towards the development of any company or corporation and achieves excellence in whatever field we are in. As a leader you have to do things right, as a manager you have to plan to make those right things done. So what are the objectives and expected outcomes of this training?

1. Build Trust And Confidence Within The Members Of The Team.

If every member of the team will learn to appreciate the skills and talent of each one of the team, then trust will build up. Any member can say, yes I trust my teammate, and I know he/she can do it. Confidence follows, as you take steps toward a certain project, one can rely upon each other believing that with the concerted effort, things will be done excellently.

2. Proper Delegation Of Work

   Every good leader knows and makes a good plan. Every good manager makes a good flow of the project by delegating it to the right person within the team with the right knowledge and skills to get the job done. These two overlapping roles of leader and a manager can be wrapped in one person. These two capabilities will make the team work harmoniously and effectively. Read more here:

3. Giving Feedbacks

This part is very important because it requires courage and good communication skills. However giving feedback is very essential in improving the work and product of every team member. This could be by phone or letter. But if it’s about personal hygiene or tardiness which is more of negative insight, one has to do it face to face.

4. Motivating Your Team

Encouragement and positivity develops an individual talents and skills. Everybody needs a tap at the back. When things go wrong (as they sometimes will), sit and talk. In your team management training, encourage your team to be open to new ideas and innovate, don’t insist on your personal idea, always remember that people see things differently. Gather all positive ideas from all sources, study it, and get the most common thing. You may find a ray of light out of that information.

5. Team Development

Team development energizes the collective effort of individual skills and talent. One may have been assigned with a task which he find very challenging and some may need guidance and assistance. Thus, some of your teammates may be sent to seminars for learning and development. Each individual therefore develops aggressiveness towards the development of oneself to be a contributory factor to the team. In other words you earned your spot.

6. Role Playing

Just like making movies, every team member plays a role for the project to be a blockbuster (read more). This requires stewardship. Sharing and teaching each other is very important. Each person is born with specific talent. Some may be similar but most are different in some aspects. Some have developed their capabilities, others still needs a push. Skills on the other hand are more enhanced through training and practice. So if you have both, talent and skills, don’t brag about it. Instead, share it with others. It is more productive and more commendable. Plus you earn respect and admiration from the people around you.

7. Reward And Recognition

One of the deepest emotions of men is recognition. After all, who doesn’t want to be recognized? Give credit to whom it is due. This process develops more confidence and gives enthusiasm to every individual to strive for more, to be more dynamic and innovative. Reward and recognition recharges a person, especially if he really deserves it. It gives him motivation to plan ahead not only for himself but for the whole team. To think, how can there be recognition if the project has flopped?

8. Consistency And Clarity

Transparency is important if you are dealing or within the team. Regrouping is difficult once trust and confidence had a scratch. This could lead to a team breakage, becoming a “to each his own” concept. Be consistent, to the rules and regulations that the team had agreed upon so chaos will be prevented. Do away with special treatments. If it’s about an attitude problem, address it properly and set boundaries.

9. Focus And Be Goal Oriented

Every teammate must understand that goals must be set and objectives must be done. At the end of the day, what have we achieved? Let us assess ourselves; have we reached our expected outcome? Did we produce something? What have we done and how far are we from reaching our goal?  Stay focused; you have your objectives to guide you. Be specific in taking every step.

10. Open Mind, Open Communication

These are areas to consider that every individual’s idea is important. Just like a quote in Desiderata, even the dull and ignorant, they too have stories to tell. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and we all respect each other’s belief. Be a good listener.