How to Bag a High-Paying Job in Construction After Graduation

One of the largest concern with thousands of college students today is the overwhelming amount of debt they can expect to graduate with. With the ever-increasing cost of tuition and the amount of student loans bubbling, this is not a reasonable fear. While financial aid can help some students afford the basic cost of tuition, things like room, board, and books are compounding factors that can put most students into debt.

Trade schools, however, are a great alternative to a traditional four-year institute. With a higher demand for graduates than most 4-year college career paths, graduating with zero to no debt is a great benefit. With helpful tools like this handy website from Contractors Institute, it is even easier than ever to get your contracting license.

Taking the Test

The largest part of getting your contractor’s license is the exam. After countless hours of learning and studying, the worst part about licensing is the failure to pass the final exam that is required to obtain your license. The most obvious strategy is to pass your exam on the first attempt. No one wants to take an exam more than once. It is important to find an organization that will work with you if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt. Going back into the exam with the help you needed will give you the push required to pass the exam

Perks of Working with a License

It is important to get your license, no matter how many times you take the exam. If granted a license, this will allow you to work within the scope of the law and give you a tremendous advantage over your competition. Homeowners become wary of working with a non-licensed contractor. Homeowners and contractors can be fined or even imprisoned for not working with a licensed contractor.

Requirements for a Degree

The requirements to become a licensed contractor are very simple. In order to gain a license, you must be at least over the age of 18. Also, you must have a high school graduate or higher and be a U.S. Citizen. Not having a criminal record also wouldn’t hurt, and you can never have too much experience in the field.

When applying for this license, it is important to bring any other occupation licenses you have and also be able to explain any citations, violations, or liens from any work previously done in construction.

Application Process

When submitting your application, it is imperative you complete the full application. A non-complete application is a major hiccup in any path to becoming licensed. Along with your application, it is important to attached any fees, which vary state to state. Another important purchase is insurance and/or a bond. This protects you and your work from any liabilities or damages from any damages or loses you or your organization faces during construction.

License Reciprocity

If wanting to work in other states it is imperative to get a license in all states that are not reciprocal. Being aware of the ability to work between states can allow your company to work in any state and not have any down time waiting for permits and licenses.

If looking to graduate with little to no debt, while also looking to maximize your potential profit, getting a contracting license is a great alternative to a desk job. While most students are saddled with debt, contractors can come out making great money in much less time than it takes to climb the career ladder in corporate jobs. Check out this career path option in your local area today.