Business – Self Promotion (that really works)

Let’s start with a peculiar thing to notice. Perhaps it’s just me, but when we were all younger, retail choices were more narrow. For example, if you wanted new denim jeans or the latest Stephen King novel, you pretty much knew where to shop for things. Fast forward to today, and the competition is rife. McDonald’s offers wedding packages. Lamborghini makes Vodka. Yamaha will not only sell you a keyboard but a motorcycle so you can get the keyboard home. Undeniably, there’s less and less elbow room at the retail table.

How can new businesses succeed amongst so much industry noise? Self-promotion. That’s how. But we’re going to have to shake off those technology gremlins…

Video Software

If you’re not making videos you’re not making a profit. OK, that’s not exactly true. But could you make more profit with videos? Absolutely. Videos are easy to consume, easy to share, and easy to create (if you know how –  see this website for video making software). 

Video software that integrates effortlessly with your digital asset management system (you may know digital asset management as “DAM”) means you can create, store, edit, and share videos quickly and securely. If you’ve ever scrolled through social media and found yourself lost in a playlist of videos, take note! Those videos aren’t there by accident. They are there by design. They got your attention, they kept you watching, and they added to brand consistency. The message is clear. Videos work. Don’t miss out.

Reply to Every Social Media Post

This is huge and not enough people talk about it. You won’t get THAT many mentions on social media. You have time in the day to respond to them all. 

We’re not talking about starting conversations. You don’t have to become pals with every commenter and invite each other around for BBQs and game nights. Even so much as a ‘like’ that gives recognition to the user will leave your followers feeling rewarded. Where customers feel like they have a special connection with your brand, your online presence and popularity will slowly, surely, and inexorably begin to swell. 

Comment on Other Brands

Don’t be a hermit. If you want the digital love and appreciation to flow your way, start by acknowledging other brands. Leave positive reviews of products and even compliment another brand’s ways of working or their website design. Be honest. Show you’ve engaged with the brand and highlight that you had a positive experience. Where you have even so much as a fledgling business with the most mediocre of followings, brands will naturally wish to respond to benefit from views by your followers. 

Join in with Trends

The ice bucket challenge began to grip the world seven years ago (yes, seven years, unbelievably!). While many scoffed at joining in, we all enjoyed watching those who got involved. 
While urban marketing such as chalk on the sidewalk and fun posters can present a novel and attractive prospect, they are time-consuming and there are no guarantees. Instead, stay up to date with what your competition is doing. Follow hashtags and follow trends. There’s no shame in piggy-backing off the popularity of marketing that has already gone viral.