I am a Blogger. These are my reflections

By now, you shouldnt be surprised about my sector diversification, I am mostly in Oil and Gas. This is a sector I love working with and fills up what little free time I have. Can I make a decent return by the end of the year? Can I survive until then? If all comes down crashing tomorrow, life goes on. Money can be replaced and at 33 I can afford the delay. I am personally looking forward to success, I am looking forward to evolve my investing and who knows maybe grab a certificate in portfolio management one day.

As you can see, there’s a new theme on the site. Just like investing is a corner stone of any financial plan, I am looking towards the site becoming a contributor to this plan.?? I would like to hear from you dear reader: What do you think of the direction of the site so far? Is there a subject you would like to see more/less of?

Thank you for all the feedback in advance!