Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Approaching an Investor

The world is filled with visionary people who are willing to cross bridges to make it happen. Life is not promising either way. Someone may start up at a high notch but end up hitting a rock bottom. For some promising businesses like buying and selling houses, they are destined to misfire because entrepreneurs fail to convince investors. You may have amazing ideas but once you fail to convince an investor on why they should invest in you, you might not make it in the industry. Here are certain mistakes that you can avoid in order to successfully pitch your business to keep investors.

  1. Lack of preparation

Some entrepreneurs lack proper preparations in terms of not familiarizing yourself with the investor and other competitive markets. For some people, they jump right into business and approach investors without doing research on how the whole process runs.

  1. Entrepreneurs pitch fast

For some people, they jump right into pitching immediately they get a chance to meet the investors. You should have in mind that what investors want at the beginning is your background and your story in general. During the start, they are not interested to know what you are bringing to the table or majorly, the products you are working on. When approaching an investor, make sure that you have a referral.

  1. Choose the right investors.

This is a common challenge to very many people. You may have very good products but once you pitch them to the wrong investors; all your efforts will be futile. However, once you discover that you have the wrong investor, don’t give up soon. For those in the trade contractor businesses, would want to choose investors from the construction industry. Disappointments are part and parcel of our lives. The best part of life is that one is given a chance to improve or keep trying until they make it in life.

  1. Some entrepreneurs don’t know the investors.

Before making the vital decision to approach an investor, have some thorough background check on the investor. By so doing, you will find out the sectors of business they adore. Some of the searches should be on the countries they invest in, the amount of money they are likely to spend on their investments.  In addition to this, find out the types of friends they hang out with. Once you get hold of such information, there is a likelihood of getting the right people to make the introductions, or getting them at their frequent hangout places. Don’t be the kind that sends requests to every investor. This is because you may realize sooner or later that you have been wasting their time and yours as well.

  1. Dishonest answers.

As human beings, most of us love appearing ready and serious. These pressures may make people to overstate facts. In addition to this, some people go to the extent of exaggerating figures. Once investors realize that you betray an investor’s trust, they may not be in a position to conduct business with you. For a relationship to grow, always ensure that honesty prevails over everything. Don’t be the kind who shuts the door for new opportunities due to failure to remain transparent. Investors love value for their money.

  1. Giving more attention to the future rather than the present

Young people are faced with the challenge of believing that being visionary is characterized by thinking about the future. Yes, we should all think about the future but never let this cloud your judgment. As a young entrepreneur, take every current opportunity that comes along the way. Never limit your potential to the future.


Pitching investors requires strategy. With the above tips, you have a front page on where to begin your entrepreneurship journey. Once you have identified with the above mistakes, you will always find a way to succeed in the global business world.

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Dancun Kingori

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