Benefits of a Home Water Filter System

All life started in water. Thus, every aspect of every life needs this precious colorless liquid. First of all, even our cells, the building blocks of everything in our bodies, have it in them. Every other process in our bodies is in some way related to our intake of water. Maintaining our bodies temperature, generating saliva, transporting nutrients, all of these are connected to the nectar of life in some way. Experts say that you should drink 8 cups of it every day. And if at some point of the day you feel thirsty, that means that you are already dehydrated.

This being said, it is also important what kind of water you intake. Not everyone in the world has access to clean water, and maybe you don’t have it too. As unusual as this may sound, it’s true. Water goes in treatment plants where all of the bad parts are filtered from it. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t pick up some hazardous materials on its way to your house. Also, depending on where you reside, you might be at risk of some specific contaminants.

How can water be bad?

The most common things that can be found in tap water are lead, fluoride, and chlorine. Some or most of these kinds of contaminants can be seen flowing in the pipes in your house. Firstly, we’ll talk about fluoride. This chemical has been in tap water for ages due to its benefits for oral hygiene benefits. But, if you ingest it for years, it can lead up to faster aging and a weaker immune system.

Secondly, lead. This metal can get into your water via old pipes. Most importantly, lead is toxic and can stunt growth in children, as well as induce kidney problems. The last of the common contaminants is chlorine. It is added with the purpose of disinfection. And, this one is the least dangerous since it can cause irritated skin and eyes. All of these contaminants can be extracted from your water with a filter system.

Benefits of a filter system

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A lot of people know that not all water tastes the same. If you use a filter to clean it, you will remove all of the harmful and non-harmful particles in it. Rust is one of the things that change the taste and the appearance of it.  However, all filters have a part in them that removes sediments which cause unpleasant taste and smells. As well as that, all the beverages that you prepare, coffee, tea, etc. will taste better as well.

It’s cheaper in the long run

Installing a home filtration system will mean you will have clean drinkable water at any time. It will be of the same quality as a bottled one. And you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on it. Let’s say you are a household of 4 people, and you only drink from bottles. Then, throughout a year you would be spending 700 dollars more than if you install a filter. Even with replacing it, you would still be able to save a lot of money.

Another exciting thing is that you will save up on soap as well. Some particles in the water, which include different minerals make it hard. This makes the ionic action of the solvent ineffective. You can increase its cleaning power by removing the contaminated parts in the liquid.

It helps the planet

Also, the earth will be thankful. Some plastic bottles are recycled, but most of them end up in a massive pile in some landfill. It takes around 500 years for each one of these bottles to disintegrate. This means that your home will automatically become eco-friendly when you make the decision.  

How to choose the best one?

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When deciding to get a home filter system, it’s important to know the contaminants in your area. The best thing is to talk to a professional. If the main line is maintained by a municipal service, there are sediments like chlorine and other different chemicals. All of them need to be removed.

If you choose to install it on private water well, then the contaminants will be of a different kind. They might be hardened minerals, iron, and other sediments. In this case, the contamination could be mediocre to strong. In both cases, you would need the help of professionals:

Know the flow rate of your home

This means to get some paper and a pen and do some calculating. This rate is the amount of water running through the dispensers in your home, expressed in gallons per minute. These include your toilet, showers, and dishwashers. Appliances like these can use from three to five gallons per minute. You need to have these numbers in mind because they change from family to family. If you have doubts about this, the help of a professional will come in handy and help you. As soon as you get it down, you would have continuous water flow and perfect pressure.

Know the life of the filter

This factor will vary a lot between people. The lasting of it will be closely related to the amount of water that goes through it. As well as that, the number of sediments that layers itself in the system. Depending on where you live, the quantity and the quality of residues will vary. If you notice constant low pressure, it is definitely time to check on the filters and see if they need changing. Another beneficial thing to do is to keep a log of the times that pressure changes. This way, you will know when something is going to go wrong before it does.

To sum up

Water is the most vital thing for us. Most of our planet is covered in it. It’s up to us to opt for it to be clean. Getting a home water filter system will ensure that it will be.