BeatingTheIndex Blog’s 1 Year Anniversary

Between a full time job, family time and sifting through oil and gas 2010 year end results my blog registered its first anniversary on March 22 and I only remembered it a few days later. What started initially as my investment journal has grown into a community of investors sharing the same interest where I have the pleasure of interacting with many of you dear readers. This end result is what I consider success and I am thankful to all of you who are part of it.

1 year anniversary

My thanks go …

To my Canadian readers who make up at least 70% of my monthly traffic, I hope that you have learned a little bit more about our Country’s vast conventional and unconventional oil and gas plays and how to profit from them. Do not let oil sands related negative publicity deter you from investing in your own energy companies where you expose your money to the global economic upside at no currency risk. In the end Canadian oil, even from tar sands, remains a far better alternative to cheap oil from countries with questionable regimes and ideologies.

To my US readers who make up 25% of my monthly traffic, do not be surprised to learn that the USA produces 3x more oil than Canada per year. There are many emerging shale plays across the US and I promise to cover some of them in the near future. The potential in the US is huge with billions of barrels waiting to be unlocked and developed thanks to new drilling and completion techniques. Domestic oil and gas resources will be a great driver for wealth creation since it will be a while before a cheap and abundant source of renewable energy becomes ready to replace hydrocarbons.

To my good friend Kevin from InvestitWisely for encouraging me to start this blogging adventure. It all started with yours truly discussing investing in general and oil and gas investments in particular on a quasi daily basis for a good part of 2009. I must have really annoyed him at the time since he strongly supported me in launching this blog and as a plus ended up starting one of his own!

To my fellow bloggers in the Yakezie for their selflessness and their willingness to help. Even though I don’t have the time to comment on 40 blogs daily, I am still reading many of your posts when possible.

Finally, this blog will remain largely focused on the same niche: oil and gas investments. Do not hesitate to give an opinion, put in a request, share an idea or ask a question anytime you feel like it. I am looking forward to continuing this adventure together!

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