Beating The Index: Weekend Edition

Welcome to the weekend edition, a small collection of links to interesting personal finance related articles and news from around the web.

Today’s non-farm payroll numbers will be THE variable to watch. It’s going to be an interesting day!

Here’s a list of interesting readings for the weekend:

#1 How To use fear to manipulate people

Kevin @Invest It Wisely discusses how fear is used to push us into spending our money on extended warranties, high fee investments and fixed mortgages.

#2 My investment fortune teller

Andrew Hallam introduces his to his investment fortune teller; the world is so small because I happen to know the same guy!

#3 Fears of double-dip recession grow in U.S.

To double dip or not to double dip, that is the question. For all of you out there who complained about how they missed the 2009 lows, well you might have a shot at it again.

#4 Australia relents on mining tax

Australian miners have been beaten up lately because of this tax. This might be the time to pick up 1 or 2 on sale.

#5 Real Estate income trusts for investment and diversification

HowToInvestOnline has a great article on REITs. With the conversions of income trusts to corporations looming, REITs will remain a good source of high yield distribution.

Have a great weekend!