Beating The Index: Weekend Edition

Welcome to the weekend edition, a small collection of links to interesting personal finance related articles and news from around the web.

May is almost over; it has been one heck of a ride. My portfolio is slowly recovering and should be positive again if no new worries hit us. Unfortunately, I could not take advantage at all from all the nice prices there were out there because all the money was tied up. However, I executed some low risk quick dips to capitalize on market bounces. Nothing beats an “Oops, we might have sold too much” moment in the market.

If Midway Energy that I bought yesterday continues its leg up aggressively, I would not mind locking in a decent profit given that summer is still young and worries might be lurking out there. On the other hand, given that hurricane season is almost upon us, energy commodities are moving up nicely, I will have to weigh things out and decide.

Here’s a list of interesting readings for the weekend:

#1 Living to 100 and Beyond: The Changes Ahead

Kevin @Invest It Wisely has started a series on the impact we will be facing by living longer. Getting to 100 is getting less spectacular as our technology advances.

#2 Beating the Market with Bonds

Andrew Hallam writes about how you can use bonds strategically in your portfolio in order to beat the market.

#3 Greece could set off a much bigger debt bomb

Greece again and again! Such a drama Queen!

#4 Obama puts freeze on offshore drilling

I wonder how Oil prices are going to behave in the short term. The easy oil has already been found!

#5 What recession? Mining equipment is sold out until next year

What will keep metal prices moving up or down? This article gives you a balanced view.

Have a great weekend!