Beating The Index: Weekend Edition

This week was interesting; I expect earnings related volatility to continue into the next one. Risk appetite for stocks might be waning so I will be waiting for any triple digit index losses to reload on some decent companies.

Here’s a list of interesting readings for the weekend:

#1 Ending the Rat Race covers these 2 investment vehicles in his ETFs vs Mutual Funds article.   Right now my RRSPs are in mutual funds, but as I shift my investments under my control, I will be considering ETFs.

#2 Invest it Wisely wrote an excellent article this week about Gold as an Investment: Performance over Time. Hope to see articles covering Silver of the same caliber as this one in the near future.

#3 Young and Thrifty reminds us of The Never Ending Debate: Variable or Fixed Mortgage? Keep it variable and pay it in less than 5 years. You will save tons of money in interest and the taxes you would have paid on the interest. Of course certain conditions apply, like having a mortgage in Vancouver!

#4 Bloomberg reports that Germany May Seek Smaller Euro Region Amid Greek Woes. Food for thought.

Finally, TSE:MEL was boiling yesterday, if it erupts like a volcano today on some interesting news I might lock those profits. Have a great weekend!